Yallo Swype


No commitment. First month for free!

Swype in or out, anytime

No obligation. You can start, stop, change at any time.
Yallo Swype is as flexible as you are, super easy and adapts to your needs.
Not the other way around

Everything at your fingertips

You are in full control. Everything in the app. Anywhere. Anytime. With the Yallo Swype app you have full access to your account and can control everything through the app.

Impossible to pay more

All packages are unlimited. No hidden costs. No on top charges.
You can choose between 2 tariffs – daily or monthly. For unlimited high speed internet and unlimited calls in Switzerland you pay only CHF 2 per day or CHF 39 per month! It’s impossible to pay more.

Pay with TWINT

Payment is easy and secure within the app with TWINT or otherwise with Visa or Mastercard.

Yallo Swype

Mobile. Just better.

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