The two founders and heads of the SunIce Festival, Loris Moser and Quirin Hasler, are not only founders and managing directors of NoTomorrow - Events GmbH, but also best friends! - If this is not a perfect combination!

organizing committee

Everyone is top class in their field and is fully committed: The SunIce Festival organizing committee with its closest partner and marketing manager: The Collabment Agency.

THE START and the "ESCALATION PARTY" in the Suvretta

Just over three years ago - on 30 September 2016 to be precise - the first "NoTomorrow" took place. In order to counteract the dwindling nightlife in the Upper Engadine, NoTomorrow decided without further ado to transform the greenhouse of the village nursery into a party hut for one night. With almost 140 guests the party was a complete success! Only two months later, on 19 November 2016, the second edition of "NoTomorrow" took place: The legendary escalation party at the Suvretta is still well remembered by us (and many others) today!

We go official!

"NoTomorrow - The Party Series in the Oberengadin" was born: After a longer break, the first "we go official" party took place in the gym of the schoolhouse St. Moritz D on April 01, 2017 and the childlike anticipation to see the truck of Heineken driving up for the own beverage delivery (yes, before that we went to buy the beverages ourselves): goosebumps moments!

The expansion idea

The dream of every young organiser quickly crystallized: to raise the national profile of their own party series.

Said and done:

  • Picas Samedan
  • Cult Scuol
  • Kulturhaus Chur
  • Club Q Zurich
  • Flöesserplatz Aarau
  • Loucy Chur
  • Härterei Zurich
  • Mäx Zurich
  • Moon Basel

Back To The Roots

The focus - to counteract the weak Upper Engadine nightlife - was lost more and more. NoTomorrow - Events GmbH was nationally rather than regionally oriented. Gradually it was recognized that the many Events in all possible cities is not what NoTomorrow is all about. And so the idea of a winter festival was born in the summer of 2018. 14 months later we are here and face the biggest challenge as well as the biggest chance of our future:

The SunIce Festival St. Moritz (March 13 -15 2020)

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